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Since 1979, the Congressional Black Associates have worked tirelessly to affirm our commitment to empowering Black Staffers on Capitol Hill.


The purpose of the CBA is to enhance the political, social and economic capabilities of Black people on Capitol Hill. The organization serves as a professional and social network for black employees who are working on Capitol Hill.


The CBA is a Congressional Staff Organization (CSO) of the United States House of Representatives. As required, CBA is a registered Staff Organization with the Committee on House Administration, and abides by the rules set by the Committee. Majority of its members are House employees of the U.S. House of Reps. 

CBA is a non-partisan, bicameral organization. 

“We want to be a shining beacon or a trailblazer, if you will, on how to create, cultivate and develop off the Hill so that there’s reciprocity with our members and those organizations.

— President of Congressional Black Associates